tuesday 29 february 2000

i love sleeping in the pod. every night my dreams are filled with images from the lab and the sea. outside the wind is wild, the wind gauge no longer works but marko estimates it's blowing at mebbe 70 knots some nights. a local tells us that this is the first summer in memory where the infamous 'fremantle doctor', the powerful wind from the sea, doesn't blow in every day. i dreamt last night of rooms underwater, swimming between the rooms, swimming under walls.

an italian guy who is a skipper of the rottnest ferry visits us in the afternoon and tells stories of crayfish. apparently the waters surrounding wadjemup are abundant with cray. in the 30s his father bought a licence to fish cray for 1 guinea (approx 3 dollars), then a couple of years later he bought a second licence for mebbe 50 pounds. his friends told him he was crazy, that he was throwing his money away. today he's laughing cos each licence is worth about 3 million dollars. it's the skipper's theory that a network of limestone tunnels run underneath the island. i'm remembering my dream imagery of the underground underwater rooms as he speaks. he describes how one day a large group of cray are hanging about on one side of the island, then you don't see em for a coupla days, then they just turn up on the opposite side of the island.

the thought of these tunnels running underneath us is kinda creepy, in fact it totally spooks me out the next time i go snorkelling, because of course now i'm convinced that spirits of dead sailors live in the tunnels (there's a shipwreck of a japanese tuna boat in the reef behind the lab, and i'm thinking what the fuck are they doing fishing tuna around here where there are so many dolphins, and do they use drift nets) and will try to pull me in and i'll be another dead girl in a pond of tears.

ratty is capturing pod pix and senden em to me. it would be nice to make a little animation with em. i miss it when she doesn't send me myself. i like her perven at me, i'd like to set up a webcam at home, to document my fascinating (not) life.

mikey writes:

dam that biosphere
its a body snatcher
and your a pod person now
get an american (north) accent

got three mini discs of kevin henderson talking
such a nice scottish accent (non pod person)

get a scottish accent to stop youself from being a pod person

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the boyz go to perth for the night to see the stereolab concert and organise big water tanks for the lab as we are always running out of water here even tho we are very conservative with our usage, using only 5 litres a day each for drinking, cooking, washing bodies and dishes (i have not had a shower the whole time i've been here, i'm scared of the shower cubicle, dunno why, it's very clean and poddish). i'm happy to have the experience of being by myself for 24 hours in this remote place, altho i ask ratty to look out for me online just in case i get murdered or abducted by alien pod people. at least the web cam will capture my demise, this is a small comfort. i do a lot of boring work on los dias, write another mean shitty email to b/f, and get to bed about 4am where i brood for a couple of hours.

it's a strange night and i'm glad when it's over.