the dollspace residency was assisted by the south australian government through arts sa

dollspace forms part of a smear of roses, an interactive fiction funded by the australia council through its new media fund

many ghosts have contributed to dollspace, and the proliferating smear of roses

[residency to make 'dollspace'] Media Resource Centre, Adelaide

[residency to begin 'a smear of roses'] ARTEC, London

[sound] michael grimm -- creation of 'soundtrack for an empty dollspace' online sound and limited edition audio CD available free upon request

[hauntologies] ricardo dominguez

[inspiration and doll food] ricardo dominguez, velvetcub, mikeyNoharm, petrol-hed, linda wallace, profanity, [DROiD]303, luscious, ratgrrrl, viXen, prince_of_darkness , miguel angel martin

[hauntings] anna-maria torchio, ratgrrrl, heat_me, ~~~, petrol-hed, pom, lehan ramsey, lindy williams, ollesia turkev, viktor mazin, mary-anne breeze, caron ward, ricardo ferreiro, mandie b.

[original illustrations] miguel angel martin (and special thank you to publisher topolin edizioni)

[additional grafix] claudia raddatz, [DROiD]303, elendil, lehan ramsey, mary-anne breeze

[additional photos] shu lea cheang, lionel bawden, diane ludin

[many GIF animations] claudia raddatz

[words] ricardo dominguez, cubgirl, linda dement, pom, rosalind abraham, [DROiD]303, snakeboy, mercy, prince_of_darkness, special.Jane, simon derrick, matt fuller

[spanish translation, vocals & ENCANTAME web sequence] claudia raddatz

[russian translation] viktor mazin & oleysia turkev

[java scripting] anne robertson; john tonkin

[data download & cleanup angels] insect22

[scanning and FTP time] Australian Network for Art & Technology

[server space & tech support for version 1] System-X, Sydney

[server space & tech support for version 2] The Thing, New York

*enter dollspace*