los días y las noches de los muertos
a collaboration of los fantasmos

concept, coding, grafix : francesca da rimini (aka doll yoko)

sound : Never Over And Done With (spooky sounds 1-6) by michael grimm (aka MG vs RokHors), including the smooth voice of kevin henderson
You can find MG vs RokHors at editions tiny

original words of the Zapatistas : sourced from many places

english translation of napoleon bonaparte : keith sanborn, "How to Make War", Ediciones La Calavera, 1998. Texts assembled by yann cloarec. Translated by keith sanborn and including his essay "Postcards from the Berezina." isbn: 0-9642284-2-4 -- available from amazon.com, b&n.com and small press distribution books

additional texts 1 : United States Space Command, Vision 2020 (published 1998)

additional texts 2 : Sourced from The Rand Corporation (www.rand.org)

spanish translations @ spanish voice (online) : antonio traverso

additional spanish translations : claudia raddatz; black and blonde

forever inspiration, wordz n graf : ricardo dominguez, diane ludin, snafu

calaveras (skeleton images) : jose guadalupe posada (mexico, 1852-1913)

additional original grafix (online) : SCIATTO produzie, lehan ramsay

additional original digi-pix (online) : marco deseriis, john tonkin, lionel bawden, mexicAna

graffiti : forte prenestino (roma); random streets (new york)

Makrolab views & experience : *hvala lepa* marko peljan, PROJEKT-ATOL (wadjemup)

space dolls zine* (offline) : macchina, discordia, ricardo d, carlo petyx, snafu, liquid nation, liquid_nation, caron ward, dale nason, kim bounds, grebo, robyn, luther blissett, karen eliot, emily j

financial assistance : visual arts craft fund of the australia council

*for a free copy of the zine email: dollyoko@thing.net