Date: 15 Jul 2000
To: profanity
From: dollyoko

roman summer
lose all sense of time
pretty boyfriend
desire factor //less than// zero
no fuck no write no reason
all sewn up and no place to go

city of ruined children
romulus does remus
as virgin glow babies tender the flames

now the creatures with no smell run in packs
monstrous gorgeous to behold

(where is she now that i need her?)


scary to fall from gracious oracle snatch
to 60s italian housewife giving the odd blowjob

a scarcity of puppets and wolves smothers my mouth
staples the gash
dollwings all crumpled
a dirty fit

*i'm dead*
*i am dying*

drugs an easy window to jump through
mind the glass eyes
this area is under constant surveillance

come, put on your lab coat
scatter me with forget-me-nots
whilst doctoring my code

i'm open source
ghostware in the shell
almonds grapes and honey
from the pond of dead girls

eat me, drink me, decrypt me
with your looking glass eyes

saucy is as saucy does
or so the sybyl says

liquid nation raises her dress
she speaks with her secret mouth

the wicked witch from the north will soon be dead
in the south tribe 8 releases amazon worm
she is many headed and you cannot kill her

the living dead walk out of big daddy's long night
mountains shall fall into the sea
datamines will spontaneously explode as markets crumple
flight capital encircled
all channels jammed

a million million meltdown fingers
sticking to a future
where palm pilot points matter no more

all ruined

doll yoko says:

all history is pornography

send in the spiders

let emphemera gather the fragments

and discordia reign